Peruvian ceviche

The Fresh Flavors of Peruvian Ceviche

For those who have been to Peru, you may not have such fond memories of the selection of local food. Every menu has numerous variations on the combination of chicken … Continue Reading →

Sunday British Roast

The Great British Sunday Roast

The traditional British Sunday roast has been part of the British national identity for hundreds of years, and almost every Brit on the planet has their own childhood memories of … Continue Reading →

Spanish Tapas

Good Things, Small Packages – The Art of Spanish Tapas

Having lived in Spain for a few months, I grew quite accustomed to eating tapas, and can’t even begin to estimate how much I devoured in my time there. There … Continue Reading →

Eating Steak in Argentina

So Yummy…Eating Steak in Argentina

I know a lot of vegetarians, and for some periods in my life, I’ve decided to go meat-free too. There is only one place that I’ve visited on my travels … Continue Reading →

Moroccan Tagine

Melt-in-your-mouth Masterpiece – The Moroccan Tagine

My trips to Morocco have been an assault on the senses – the beautiful sights, the honks and toots of traffic, and most of all, the combination of delicious smells … Continue Reading →

Flam, Norway

Travel Memories: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I’m often the lucky recipient of travel flashbacks. For whatever reason, an image, a smell, a situation, or conversation will come to my mind from out of the blue. Sometimes … Continue Reading →

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Travel Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The thought of trying something new is always a little nerve-wracking, and when you hop on a plane that will take you far away, and far out of your comfort … Continue Reading →

Travel For The Smell Of It

Travel for the Smell of It

Travel is such a useful learning tool, and the best part about it is that it’s a fun and exciting learning tool! You don’t have to sit in a classroom, … Continue Reading →

Stockholm, Sweden

Kimchi in Sweden and Traveling Queens

It’s a multi-cultural world we live in, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. What do I love most about traveling? I could probably spend an eternity … Continue Reading →