Lifelong Memories From Traveling Around The World

Memories From Traveling

I’m not sure what it is that rushes through the mind of someone who is about to pass from this world, but I like to think that it’s all the memories you’ve made in your life. I know that none of us want to even contemplate that moment for ourselves, but it is so often that I’m faced with the question of ‘Why do you travel so much?’ or ‘Why don’t you just stay in one place?’ that I can’t help but think of those seconds where I might evaluate everything I’ve done with my life. I have to admit, if that all happened tomorrow I would be able to sit back and feel lucky for all the memories I’ve created over the last four years of travel.

Memories have more value

If someone asked me what was the most valuable thing I hold in my possession, I guess I would have to ask them what exactly they meant by valuable. The thing that costs the most money? Or the thing I personally attach the most value to? Or the thing that I would be most upset about losing? More than anything else I have stored in a backpack or tucked away in my bank account, my memory is the single most important thing to me. When something bad happens I send myself off to one of those beautiful places I’ve visited, or look back on a moment of tranquillity that I could really use then and there.

I always wondered if the rich man who’d spent every second of his life working to collect grand houses, a fleet of cars, and everything else in the world money can buy really felt pure happiness when his life reached an end. I guess if possessions are how he measures success, then he couldn’t have been happier.

For myself, it’s the memories that count and especially, those memories from traveling around the world. I know that every second I experience this world is one more great story I have to tell, which to me is worth so much more than the possessions I have.

My own treasured memories

From shedding a tear as I watched the sunrise over the salt flats in Bolivia, to making friends with some local girls in India who were fascinated with my name. From jumping off a cliff in Bosnia into the clear waters below, to taking a road trip down into the US with some people I met through Couchsurfing in Canada. These are just a handful of the stories I have to tell through travel, and it’s strange for me to think what kind of memories I might have had I stayed at home and never taken the leap to leave.

Each and every one of these memories is like a tiny piece of me that has been coloured in, shaping my personality, resolving my fears, and contributing to the person I am today. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am now if it weren’t for these memories I carry with me. I have found myself on several occasions in a tough situation where I say to myself ‘Okay Emma, you’ve jumped off a cliff before, you can do this!’ That’s the moment when these memories help me to move forward and grow.

If you’ve thought about travel but been hesitant to do so, just be safe in the knowledge that even though the money you have might be spent over time, you’ll be gaining so much more through the memories you create. Those are the things you can take everywhere with you, the things that no one could possibly take away. Travel is going to reward you day by day with fresh, new, exciting and life changing moments, so go out there and start making those memories.


Emma Higgins has been writing and traveling on and off since 2009. Her blog, Gotta Keep Movin’ is full of stories and advice from her trips, which include Europe, India, Morocco, South America, the USA and Canada. Her main focuses are budget travel and volunteering, and she has been involved in sustainable farming in Argentina, animal shelters in Peru, and even tried her hand at making goats cheese in British Columbia. Follow her travels on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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